Culture & Religion

Sharing my culture, heritage, and religion as a part of the American story is why I create content.
IslamiMommy and SAPNA Magazines are a few spaces I created online.


IslamiMommy is an exploration, confession, and conversation. Like all religions, Islam is a spectrum.The place where American culture and Islam intersect is where I live.

I started sharing my stories through IslamiMommy because I believe, now more than ever, Muslim Americans should be open about their religion and invite non-Muslims in.

Sharing Ramadan In The Classroom

If you are looking for resources for sharing Ramadan in the classroom, visit my Ramadan page:

SAPNA Magazine

SAPNA Magazine launched in June 2004 with the mission to be a platform for the South Asian American woman’s cultural identity: a place where South Asians (and non-South Asians) can connect to the South Asian American experience. The website retired in 2010.