Culture & Religion

Sharing my culture, heritage, and religion as a part of the American story is why I create content.
IslamiMommy and SAPNA Magazines are a few spaces I created online.


IslamiMommy is an exploration, confession, and conversation. Like all religions, Islam is a spectrum.The place where American culture and Islam intersect is where I live.

I started sharing my stories through IslamiMommy because I believe, now more than ever, Muslim Americans should be open about their religion and invite non-Muslims in.

Sharing Ramadan In The Classroom

If you are looking for resources for sharing Ramadan in the classroom, visit my Ramadan page:

SAPNA Magazine

Since debuting online in 2004, SAPNA Magazine’s mission has been to be a platform for the South Asian American woman’s cultural identity: a place where South Asians (and non-South Asians) can connect to the South Asian American experience. 

Founded by four South Asian women, SAPNA is committed to furthering positive South Asian American narratives and archiving the Desi American experience.